Two Tips For Avoiding Problems With Your Dumpster

Posted on: 8 July 2015
Dumpsters are essential for allowing you to manage the trash that is generated by your home. However, many new homeowners may be surprised at the number of problems their dumpsters may encounter. In particular, stormwater and animal activity are among the more common problems dumpsters encounter, but following these two tips should help you to avoid these complications.  Ensure Your Dumpster Has Enough Drainage Stormwater is one of the threats to your dumpster that you may seldom think about, and while closing the lid will usually be sufficient to prevent the dumpster from flooding, there can be times where this is simply not enough.
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First Time Owning A Septic Tank? 4 Steps To Help Keep It Healthy

Posted on: 29 June 2015
If this is your first time owning a septic tank, you might not realize how important it is to give them the proper treatment. Unlike municipal sewer systems that drain all liquid and solid waste away from the home, septic tanks hold the waste in cement containment tanks. The solid waste sinks to the bottom of the tanks and the liquid waste is drained to a separate drainage field. To keep your septic system operating properly, there are specific instructions that should be followed.
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Advertising on Portable Toilets

Posted on: 25 June 2015
Portable toilets aren't a popular topic of conversation around the water cooler.  Most people don't think much about them in everyday life.  However, if you have attended an outdoor festival, sporting event or concert you probably saw a portable toilet (or a bank of them), even if you didn't use one. Some events pull in such huge crowds that the restrooms can't handle the excessive people.  Other events may not have any fixed restrooms at all.
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New Homeowner Questions And Answers About Their Septic Tanks

Posted on: 18 June 2015
So, this is your first time owning a house with a septic tank. Although they are different from sewer systems, septic tanks are relatively straightforward and require little maintenance most of the time. These frequently asked questions and answers can help you get started and can serve as a guideline for keeping your septic tank in proper working condition.  Q: What kind of maintenance does my septic system require? A: Your septic tank needs to be drained of solids periodically in a process usually referred to as "
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