The Benefits Of Renting A Portable Restroom Trailer Over Stand-Alone Units

Posted on: 26 September 2022

If you require bathrooms for an event, and there are none available at the site where you intend on hosting this occasion, you have likely thought about renting toilets for those in attendance. There are some situations where the rental of a portable restroom trailer is a better option than the rental of individual toilets. Here are some points to keep in mind.

The Event Is Ongoing At Several Locations

If the event you are hosting is not going to remain in one spot, there will be a need for bathrooms in each area where the event is situated. Instead of renting toilets to be set up at each location, the rental of a trailer makes more sense. The trailer can be brought to each location and set up easily so that those who are in attendance will have bathrooms at all times. This saves you money in rental fees as you will not need to deal with different restroom rental companies, but instead can play a flat rate for an extended rental of the trailer.

There Is A Need For Extra Amenities

Instead of limiting your event to the presence of toilets, consider the need for additional perks that those present may require. For example, if you are hosting a large outdoor event that will span over several days, those in attendance may want to take a shower in between activities. Portable restroom trailers are available to rent with running water, including sinks and showers, for easy cleaning at any time of the day or night. More luxurious models come equipped with electricity for lighting, plugging in appliances or the addition of music piped in through included speakers.

Land Is Limited For Bathroom Setup

If the land where you are hosting your event is not situated in an area where there is adequate flat ground, a restroom trailer rental may be the way to go. The trailer is pulled behind your vehicle, allowing you to position it anywhere you are able to park. The trailer has ladders included so that those in need of using the restroom can easily walk up or down them with ease. If you need to move the bathroom for any reason, simply relocate your vehicle to a location where the road is relatively flat. Simply bring out the ladder and fold it back up to be stored when you need to relocate the vehicle once again.

For more information on portable restroom trailer rentals, contact a company near you.