The Best Way To Use Your Roll-Off Container To Maximize Space

Posted on: 25 April 2023

If you're cleaning out your house to renovate or move, you may have a lot of old furniture and junk to get rid of. An easy way to do that is to rent a roll-off container. This is a dumpster that a truck brings to your driveway and deposits it by rolling it off the back of the truck. This type of container is convenient to use and an easy way to get rid of a lot of junk and debris at once. Here are a few tips for using a roll-off container to maximize the space.

Plan Ahead

Have the work planned out in your mind before you start tossing things in the container. It's best to put heavy things in first and then stuff smaller things between the heavy items. That means you'll need to plan the order of filling the roll-off container. If you throw out small things first, it will be more difficult to fit large and heavy furniture into the container.

Tear Things Down

If you fill a recycling bin for trash pickup, you know you should break down cardboard boxes so you can get more recyclables in your bin. The same concept is true for filling a roll-off container. Try to break things down as much as possible so there won't be wasted gaps of space in the container.

Don't Overfill The Roll-Off Container

If you maximize the space in your container, you won't have to worry about problems when the dumpster rental company picks up the roll-off container. You need to keep a few things in mind while you're loading the container. You can't fill the container too full, and the weight should be evenly distributed if you have a heavy load.

If junk is piled to the top or above the top of the container, the dumpster rental company won't be able to pick up the container because it won't be safe to travel with it on the highway. When that happens, you might end up paying extra fees for wasted time since part of the junk has to be taken out. Understand where the fill line is on the container and don't go above it.

Weight limit is another consideration, but this may not matter with regular household junk. If you're filling the dumpster with soil, old roofing shingles, or concrete, the weight should be distributed evenly, and the weight should not exceed the limit. 

Filling the container the right way the first time will save a lot of time and possibly money later. Contact a local roll-off container service to learn more.