Advertising on Portable Toilets

Posted on: 25 June 2015

Portable toilets aren't a popular topic of conversation around the water cooler.  Most people don't think much about them in everyday life.  However, if you have attended an outdoor festival, sporting event or concert you probably saw a portable toilet (or a bank of them), even if you didn't use one.

Some events pull in such huge crowds that the restrooms can't handle the excessive people.  Other events may not have any fixed restrooms at all.  Events at some venues gather large crowds on the outside while waiting for gates to open and often there are no restrooms outside of the gates.  Portable toilets are a convenient and versatile way to provide a toilet to guests.  Advertising portable toilets is a concept that has started to rise in popularity recently.  This is beneficial to the portable toilet company and also to the advertising companies.

How do companies advertise on portable toilets?

There are several ways to advertise on portable toilets. Plastic "plaques" can be placed inside each individual building with one or several small advertisements.  This gives the viewer a more personal, intimate experience with the ad.  Side panels are placed on the outside of the individual portable toilet and provide a larger advertisement that people can view regardless of whether or not they actually use the facilities.  Wraps are used to wrap multiple portable toilets, or "banks" of toilets.  These provide even larger advertisements similar to a billboard and reach the largest number of people. 

What are benefits of advertising on portable toilets?

Although necessary, portable toilets are not usually the most attractive and appealing thing at an outdoor event.  Many people avoid them because they think they are gross.  Advertising makes the toilets more attractive and eye-catching and draws positive attention to them.  Allowing companies and businesses to advertise on portable toilets help give the toilet more curb appeal. Providing a clean, high quality product with visually appealing advertising may actually change people's opinions of portable toilets.

The amount of people that see portable toilets at an event is substantial, so the advertisement reaches a huge audience.  Even if advertising just inside the portable restroom, you've got a captive audience for the amount of time each person is using it.  Combine this with with an innovative, spacious, and clean portable toilet and it is a win for everyone involved!  Mobile marketing has shown that this type of advertising really works for the companies advertising. Portable toilet companies like Road Runner Waste Service Inc can also make a positive name for themselves by allowing advertising and turning people's views of portable toilets around.