5 Questions To Ask When Renting Portable Toilets For Your Wedding

Posted on: 17 June 2015

If you plan to have an outdoor wedding, there are a lot of things that need your attention. Renting portable toilets seems like a straightforward task, but there are some questions you need to ask to be sure that nothing goes wrong on your wedding day. Here are some questions to ask beforehand to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Will There Be a Wheelchair-Accessible Toilet?

If you have friends or relatives who require wheelchair-accessible toilets, you need to make sure that the toilets you're renting can accommodate them. 

Are There Changing Stations?

There are a variety of different styles of portable toilets; many modern toilets have features that any other bathroom might have. If you plan on having wedding guests with babies or small children, making sure there are adequate changing tables will be helpful to them.

Where Will the Toilets Be Located?

It is important that you find out where the toilets will be delivered. You want to make sure that they are not too close to where the ceremony is, but it's also important to make sure that your family and friends won't have a major trek when trying to get to the bathroom. If possible, try to give your guests the option of having portable toilets located in more than one place on the site. That will ensure that long lines don't develop outside the toilets.

Can the Toilets Be Delivered Early?

You will likely be expected all kinds of deliveries on your wedding day. To minimize stress, consider having the toilets delivered beforehand, so that there are fewer trucks on site at one time and moving the toilets, if necessary, won't interfere with your other setup plans. Early toilet delivery can also give you more time to decorate the toilets, if you desire.

What Happens if There Is a Problem?

Most portable toilet rental companies have a plan in place for clogs and other problems you may have with the toilets. It is important for you to know that plan before your wedding day so you can take care of any problems immediately. Be sure to have the name of a specific person who can be called on your wedding day to handle any issues.

If you remember to ask the questions in this article, you have a better chance of being satisfied with the portable toilets you rent for your wedding day. Be sure to talk to the portable toilet company about more ways that they can be helpful to you on your big day.